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Quality Guaranteed

All our produce has been chosen for their top quality and because we truly believe them to be the best. As a company, we pride ourselves on our level of passion and commitment to sport and nutrition, a dedication that’s influenced our determination to only provide you with responsibly sourced lean meats and first class meals.

Premium Meat
Our gourmet meats surpass any you’ll find in the supermarket in taste, size and at prices fair to you. With no added water or salt, we guarantee you more natural protein and nutrition for your pound.

Meticulously Sourced
All our meats come from reputable farms where animal welfare rights are all met. Reflected in the quality of meat we sell. Our British and Irish beef is all sourced from farms where the cattle have been reared outside in their natural environment and fed on their natural diet – such as grass – for some of their lives.

Freshly Prepared
Prepared on the day of or before dispatch and delivered fresh to your door using the latest sealed container boxes you can use our meals on the day they arrive, or freeze them for later. The reason why we can provide you the greatest premium meals at the best prices possible is because we cut out the supermarkets. That way we ensure you’re getting the best of the best at wholesale prices.


Fit For Consumption

If goods are not fit for consumption on receipt of you meal package, please contact us immediately. You must NOT consume a product that you believe in not at the right temperature (Over 8 degrees celsius – foods standard agency regulations 852/2004 amended 2006) or is not fit for consumption.

If you have ANY doubts, do NOT attempt to consume the product and contact us immediately. We will endeavour to reply quickly but if the reply is delayed – do NOT consume the product. Do NOT consume a raw product without cooking.


  • Do not consume a product that you believe is not fit for consumption
  • Do not consume a chilled product which is stored at or above 8 degrees celsius
  • Do not consume a product which arrives with split or compromised packaging
  • Do not consume a product with a date on the product which is expired
  • Do not consume a product which you think ‘smells off’ or similar
  • Do not consume a raw product without thoroughly cooking
  • Do not consume the contents of the Ice Packs*
  • Do not put your safety at risk, contact us with ALL/ANY concerns


If goods are not fit for consumption we will arrange at our discretion, for you to return the goods (at our expense) and process a full refund for the products which are not fit for consumption. We will also provide you an optional goodwill gesture voucher of a £10 discount to use on your next order over £60 in value, for taking the time to return the products.

If there are consistent issues with collection to your packages, we reserve the right to inform you that for safety reasons it would be advisable we no longer deliver orders to you.

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